On Your Finger Tips

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Ingredients :

Poha/Avil/Flattened rice - 1/2 Cup
Potato - 2 Medium
Bread - 2 Pieces
Onion - 1 medium(finely chopped)
Chili Powder - 1 Tbsp
Garam Masala Powder - 1 Tbsp
Salt - As Required
Turmeric Powder - A Pinch
Olive Oil - For frying

Method :
1) Soak the poha for 5 minute,drain the water well and keep aside.Boil,peel and mash the potatoes.
2) In a bowl add the drained poha,mashed potatoes,chopped onions,all spices and at last soak the bread in water or milk and kneed everything well to form a dough.
3)Now take a small ball from the dough and give your imaginative shape and shallow fry it in oil,add oil as and when required.When fried well transfer it on to a paper towel and have it hot with your favourite sauce.That's it,Poha Aloo Tikki is ready.


Asha said...

YUM! I made Aloo tikkis yesterday:))

Viji said...

Asha,you r back!!!!I missed u :-)So even you prepared tikki?This is my own creation u know.I put everything which my hand could go to and prepared a snack with the tea.it was very good:-)

archana said...

Oh I liked your idea.The tikkis are looking nice and crisp. Perfect for these rains:)

Viji said...

Thanks Archana.Yah very perfect snack for theese rains.

DEEPA said...

poha tikki ...something new and a perfect snack

Cynthia said...

I'm an aloo junkie so you know I love this :)

Viji said...

Thanks Deepa.Yah this was something new I found out and truly it turned out to be a perfect snack.

Viji said...

Hi Cynthia,yah correct, Aloo lovers will defenetly find it very good. :-)

Suganya said...

Poha and aloo combo is new to me. Will try this out!

Viji said...

Hi suganya,Do try and give me the feed back :-)