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Monday, July 02, 2007


Ingredients :
3 Custard Powders(Vanilla,Strawberry and Banana) - 2-3 Tbsp Each
Milk - 3/4 Gallon
Sugar - 1/2 Cup
Chocolates - To shred on the Pudding.

Method :
1) dissolve the 3 custard powders in 3 different glasses with little milk and keep aside.
2) Boil the rest of the milk in a vessel.When boiling,divide the milk in to 3 vessels and keep on stove.(To save time,first you may boil the milk in microwave for 15 mins or so and then transfer it on stove top.)
3) Add the 3 dissolved custard mixtures in 3 different boiling milk.Stir in continuously.When almost thick,remove from gas.
4) In a clean bowl,Pour the first milk,scrape the chocolate on top and keep in freezer for 10 minutes.
5) When it is set,remove and pour the next milk,scrape the chocolate and keep in freezer to set for another 10 minutes.
6) Repeat the same procedure for the last milk.Keep in the fridge to set completely(not in the freezer).When completely set,serve chill.

Variation :You can keep a layer of sliced fruits in between the 2 layers.Or you can serve this pudding with a mixture of 2-3 different kinds of fruits of your choice cut in to small cubes.Or the pudding as is :-) .

This is my entry for the Monthly mingle Theme,"Scream For Ice cream" hosted by What's For Lunch Honey? .


Seema said...

Lovely pudding. Love those three colors together. Perfect for the hot summer day.

Viji said...

Thanks Seema.Yah,perfect for the hot summer.We all enjoyed this in this hottest dallas summer.

archana said...

Nice pudding Viji :)Very pretty colours and I can imagine how tasty it must be:)

Viji said...

Thanks Archana.even I love the green colour of banana flavour.

Vcuisine said...

A timely post Viji. If you give me now, i will forgot myself and eat just like that. Tks for sharing. Viji

Viji said...

Thanks viji.You know I had the pudding as is first,and later i added 2-3 different fruits cut in to pieces.It tastes yummy :-)

Suganya said...

Quite innovative one Viji. Looks cool ;)

Viji said...

Thanks Suganya :-)