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Friday, December 29, 2006


Ingredients :
Mussel - 1 packet full
Rice Flour - 3-4 Cups
Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
Shallots - 10-12
Salt - As required
Chili Powder - 2-3 Tsp
Turmeric - A Pinch
Oil - For frying

Method :
1) Use the closed shelled Mussels.First and foremost,Soak the shelled mussels in hot water so that the shells open up.Clean the mussels well,drain the water and keep aside.
2)Warm the rice flour for few mins in low flame and keep aside.Mean while keep some water for boiling.Add little salt to the water.
3) Chop or crush the shallots.Now add the chopped shallots,Cumin Seeds to the rice flour.Once the hot water is ready,pour little by little water on the flour and knead well and make it like a chapathi dough
4) Make small balls with the dough and fill it in the shells as shown below.Arrange everything on the idly stand or any other steaming vessel and steam for 15-20 mins.

5) When done,take it out and cool it.Slowly remove the whole thing with the mussel from the shells.Make sure,that the mussel is attached to the rice ball and keep it aside.
6) In a plate, mix chili powder,salt and turmeric powder and make it in to a paste with little water.Marinate each mussel cake with the marinade.
7) Heat a pan and pore oil as required.Fry the marinated Arikaduka,pore oil as and when required.That's it Arikaduka is ready.


Anonymous said...

hi viji
- vimala

Viji said...

Thank You very much :-)

RP said...

Wow how did i miss this. I made this few weeks ago for the first time and i was looking everywhere for some pictures to see how it look like after filling the rice mixture. Mine looked like this too. Now I know!

u have a beautiful blog here.

Viji said...

RP- Thank you very much.Hope you enjoyed your preparation :-)

khini said...

when in kannur there was never a time we missed out on arikaduka. There are small tea shops in kerala who sell this. Its a typical dish with the pure identity of kerala.I am there this may and it would be my treat to my children who are going to their origin the firts time.
Great bLog.

Viji said...

Thank you very much Khini.Me too from Kannur,wow nice to meet u.Its a famous snack our side and the fun is i recently learnt it from my Mom-in-Law.Hope u visit again and try out other dishes and get back to me soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Viji
I'm from Kannur too, went home this summer but it was not Kalmakkai time so could not have any. I got some at Hong Kong Market I'm going to try it today itself! Thanks so much,

Viji said...

Hi Sonia,
Thanks for your comment and nice to meet you.I have seen only few people from kannur here.Do try out this dish and give me the feed back on it.And keep in touch.


Deepa said...

simply fabulous dish, made it a few days back. MY folks meake it all the time at home (Kannur). This is the first time I tried making it myself...
Thanks..Simply too yum

Deepa said...

Dear Viji
Very good recipe. I love arikaduka. My folks make it all the time in Kannur/ tellicherry. However I never prepared it myself. However after looking at the pics of arikadula posted on your blog I made it. Truely a yum dish. Thanks

Viji said...

Thank you very much Deepa and welcome to my blog.I'm happy that my recipe came good and you liked it.Seeing the pic's atleast,I inspired you to prepare this dish :-)

Manju Nambiar said...

Hello Viji,
Lovely recipe - it came out very well. I am also from Kannur.
Recently I saw an episode of pachakarani (Kairali) and the theme was malabar recipes - one of the participants made a wonderful dish with mutton and rice dough made into steamed balls (she called it something roti) - do you know the name of this dish - have you heard about it? if yes, can you let me know.

Viji said...

Hi manju,
Thanks for the comment and welcome to my blog.I'm glad,i met so many kannur guys from my site.The dish what you are talking about,i have heard the about the dish but dont know its name or recipe.i will try to soon find out and let you know.

Rakendu said...

hey! so nice to see so many ppl from kannur.. saw the kallumakayas in th market here.. but dint kno how to prepare it.. was planning to call up mom and ask tomo.. thot of looking up th web and lo!! thanks alot.. will try this soon.. :-)