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Monday, June 18, 2007


This is my entry for the Coffee's "MBP June",for the theme"Going Lite". All the snacks I had prepared was over and my Hus was like, whats with coffee today???From long,I had bookmarked Kodubale from "Foodies Hope" by Asha.So thought of preparaing it for my Hus and for the MBP.Because of this Theme and Event,I prepared this for my husband ;-)

I have made a slight change by adding Jeera and instead of chili flakes,I used chili powder when compared to the Original Recipe.

Ingredients :
Plain flour - 3 cups
Rice flour - 1 cup
Hot oil to mix - 1/4 cup
Salt - 1-2 Tsp .
Jeera - 1 Tsp
Chili powder/Chili flakes(optional) or crushed pepper corns - 2 Tbsp
Enough water to knead

Method :
1) Heat enough oil to deep fry the kodubale.Keep aside 1/4 cup oil separately to mix with the flour.
2) Mix all the above with hot oil,adjust the salt and spices,knead well with just enough water to make a thick dough.Do not make it too soft.
3) Take a lump of dough,roll into 1/2" thick rope,break off 4" pieces and roll each around your index fingers to make circles.If you want to make bigger circles with longer ropes,it's fine too.Repeat the process to finish with the remaining dough.
4) Deep fry until done,don't over fry.If you have added chill pd,it will be reddish when fried,without it they look lighter or golden.Cool before you store.Store it in a air tight container.


anusharaji said...

i need to try many of ashas dishes
we used to insert fingers inside them and crunch on them for whole day ufffff

Viji said...

Yes Anushraraji,,Asha makes so many dishes,I have so many bookmarked from her blog.These r oil free and good snack for the evening Tea.

Asha said...

Viji!!! Girl,your Kodubales look way better than mine!!I am drooling here.Cumin seeds sounds great like Chaklis.I will add next time.
Glad you enjoyed them.
Try Bhakarwadis,your husband might buy you some gold bangles in exchange!!;D

Viji said...

Hey Asha,I'm glad you noticed it:-) I felt,your preparation is better than mine.We 2 r giving compliments to each other :-)) And About Bhakarwadi's,I will defenetly try them,I dont know about gold bangles,but compliment for u will be sure:-)

Anh said...

I love indian deep-fried food. And this is no exception... So well-done! Your husband is so lucky! ;)

Viji said...

Hi Anh,Welcome to my blog and thanks for your lovely comment :-)

Suganya said...

A 'handy' snack I should say..

Viji said...

Thats right Suganya.Thank you.

Roopa said...

great snack! crunchy munchy

Viji said...

Thats right Roopa,now its almost over :-(