On Your Finger Tips

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Ingredients :
Boneless fish pieces(Any,i chose King fish) - 12 small pieces
Puff Pastry Sheet - 1 Packet
Onion - 1 Big
Tomato - 1 Small
Ginger Paste - 1 Tbsp
Garlic Paste - 1 Tbsp
Green Chili - 8-10 (As per your spice level)
Turmeric Powder - A Pinch
Salt - As Required
Masala Powder(A dry mixture of few Cinnamon,Cardamom,Cloves,Star Anise,Cumin Seeds) - 1 Tbsp
Oil - some for preparing Masala
Milk - 2 Tbsp

Method :
1) Thaw the Puff Pastry Sheets in room temperature for 1/2 hour or till you can separate each sheet and spread it.
2) Marinate the fish with little chili powder,salt and turmeric.Keep for 15-20 minutes.Fry lightly on both sides and transfer it to a paper towel.
3) Put some oil in a non stick pan,add sliced onions and fry till transulant.Add ginger-garlic paste,crushed green chilies and fry till the raw smell goes off.Add finely chopped tomato,salt and turmeric powder,fry till the tomato is cooked well.
4) Add the fried fish pieces and toss lightly in the masala.Put 1 Tbsp of the ground masala powder and fry for some time.Check and adjust the taste accordingly.
5) Unfold the thawed pastry sheet and cut each fold in to half.In that way,with 1 pastry sheet packet,you will get 12 pieces.
6) Put some masala and 1 fish piece on one end of each pastry sheet piece.Fold the other end to cover the masala and fish completely and press and seal the 3 edges with little milk,Like shown in the picture below.

7) finish this procedure for all ,arrange it on a baking tray.Preheat the oven to 350 degree,once done.Place the tray and bake till it gets puffed up and turn to light golden colour.That's it,Fish puffs is ready.Serve hot.
Alternative : Instead of fish you can use eggs / Any kind of meat / kheema / vegetables .If using any of these,cook before adding to the masala.For meat like chicken which cooks fast,no need to precook before adding to the masala.If Using eggs,boil,remove shell,cut it in to half and place each half instead of fish.


Asha said...

Yummy snack!:)

Viji said...

Thanks Asha:-)

reena said...

yummo!! i have puff pastry sheets and now i need some time to make puffs. i have never made fish puffs but only cutlets.

Seena said...

ho tasty snack..I usually buy this..send mmmmmmmmmmmmme..

Jyothi said...

Hey fantastic snack.Looks yummy viji. I usually prepare egg puff and veg puff. Next i will try yours. Thanks for sharing.

Viji said...

Reena,try fish puffs ,its really good.Its my own experiment.Getting bored with the rest of the puffs,i tried my hand on this,and it turned to be really tasty.

Thanks Seena.Here u goo....take this from my hand :-))

Sandra said...

Tried these today - they were lovely - but I think I will try chicken next time. Because the fish broke apart a lot (I used bass - which would be why), they ended up a little overspiced. Nummy, though.

Viji said...

Hey Sandra,
Thanks for ur comments and happy to know that it came out well and u liked it.Yah,just try it with other things instead of fish.I do the same :-)