On Your Finger Tips

Wednesday, November 01, 2006



Bread slices - 3
Sugar - 1/2 cup
cardamom - 2
Ghee - For toasting
Crushed nuts(Any of ur choice)


1) Prepare sugar syrup and add cardamom powder to it.The syrup should not be very thick.Like we do for usual jamun and keep aside.

2) Cut out the edges of the bread slices.Slice each bread slices in to 4-6 pieces.Put some ghee in a pan and toast the bread pieces nicely in ghee till golden colour on both sides.For health reasons,i applied ghee lightly on each side and toasted it.

3) As soon as the bread pieces are done,put directly in sugar syrup.Leave for few mins.Its optional that u keep the syrup while serving or not.I preferred not to use the syrup.I left for few mins to absorb the syrup well and removed from the syrup.U can sprinkle some crushed nuts on it.Thats it,bread jamun is ready.A simple instant sweet dish.

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